Our Services

BusinessTrade is a premier Florida business brokerage providing specialized intermediaries services for those seeking to buy or sell a business.

Our experienced brokers will help evaluate, market, and sell your business in a timely and confidential manner. We will professionally market and network within the business community to seek out well-qualified buyer/investors for your business. for your business. network with potential buyers and thoroughly vet all interested parties marketing skills to utilize our network of potential investors/buyers and conduct personal screenings of all interested parties, while utilizing our network of potential investors to maximize interest in your business. We always work diligently with you to maximize potential business value and complete your business transactional events in the most timely manner possible.

At BusinessTrade, our aim is to provide a timely and profitable business sale, in a professional manner, with confidentiality the primary concern. We provide you with:

Seller Services:

  • A preliminary analysis and professional valuation of the opportunity, to determine a fair market value and offering price
  • Preparation of a comprehensive digital marketing package to present to qualified buyers and their professional
  • Pre-screening of potential purchasers to determine appropriate background experience and financial capabilities
  • Negotiating the structure of the purchase so that both of the parties involved in the transaction obtain maximum
  • Arranging for the transfer of licenses, leases, contracts, agreements and other closing documents to assure a successful and stress free exchange of the business

Buyer Services:

When providing services to an individual as a first time buyer or to the seasoned corporate acquisition specialist, BusinessTrade can be instrumental in finding the most appropriate opportunity. We provide you with:

  • Provide a clear understanding and a step by step detail of the business buying process
  • Assist in matching the purchaser’s needs, desires, interests and goals with the most appropriate business opportunity
  • Develop a business/financing plan for presentation to selected Lenders, if required, to assist in securing the necessary commercial financing
  • Support the transition into the new business before, during and after the sale

Whether you are a seasoned investor, seeking an acquisition that would provide some synergy to your existing company; or an individual buyer who has specific criteria for that perfect business to purchase, our representation services can save you time, money and frustration. By understanding your personalize acquisition criteria, we can find the perfect opportunity that fits your specific needs.

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